After adopting her first rescue dog in 2008, Jessica knew that caring for animals was a passion she wanted to make her career. In 2010 she started Paw Prints: Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services. It is not a boarding facility, rather pet care provided for your animals in the comforts of their own home, where they feel most comfortable.

Over the years, Jessica has gained experience with all types of animals. She has cared for a full spectrum of dog personalities; skittish dogs who might be a little unsure of new people, friendly dogs, dominant personality dogs, energetic dogs, medically fragile dogs, puppies and elderly dogs.


She has cared for every size dog from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs. In addition to dogs, she has cared for cats, chickens, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, turtles, frogs and bearded dragons.

In November of 2012 Jessica and her husband adopted their second rescue dog, Klaus. Having two dogs of her own, Jessica understands that animals need love and attention in your absence in addition to their basic needs, and treats the animals that she cares for in the same manner she would want her own pups to be treated.

In 2018 Jessica became a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for the state of CT, and now cares for injured and orphaned wildlife while preparing them for a life back in the wild once fully recuperated. This is a volunteer position within the DEEP.

She pays close attention to detail, keeping the clients informed of how their pets are doing while they are away through email or texts. On the rare occasion that Jessica has noted something to be "off" with an animal, she never hesitates to inform the client and seek veterinary care when necessary (see examples in testimonials).


The services provided by Paw Prints include mid-day dog walking, recommended for people who work long hours or people with new puppies who need to go out more frequently throughout the day, as well as multiple visits throughout the day for people away on vacation. Providing care in your own home while you are away keeps your pets feeling comfortable and safe in their own environment and routine.

Paw Prints does offer overnight pet-sitting for animals that might need a little extra company. We offer daily visits for cats, during which time we provide lots of attention, food, a clean litter box, and fresh water. We can also bring in mail, water plants, and change up the lights that are on to make home look occupied upon request.

It is our policy to always schedule an initial introduction meeting with new clients and their pets in order to go over details, routines, make sure the animals are comfortable, and to get a house key. This initial introduction is complimentary. We look forward to meeting you and your pets!



Jessica Prince Bucholz - Owner

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