Services Offered:

30 minute visit: to your home to walk your dog(s) around the neighborhood and/or playtime in your fenced yard. During the visit we can feed your pets and refresh water bowls. This service starts at $20 for one dog, $22 for two dogs, and $25 for 3 dogs but can vary based on distance from Middletown.

60 minute visit: to your home. The same services as the 30 minute visit but we stay an extra half an hour, which is great for people who are gone for long stretches of time and their dogs need more time to stretch their legs or for people with multiple pets who would like more time to be spent with them. This service starts at $30 for one dog and $32 for two dogs, but can vary based on distance from Middletown.


Cat-sitting: One to two visits per day depending on your cat's needs. During the visit we will feed your cat(s), refresh their water bowls and scoop/clean the litter box as well as provide them with company and affection. This service starts at $17 for one cat but can vary based on distance from Middletown and number of cats in the home.

Overnight pet-sitting: Some people prefer not to leave their pets alone overnight in their absence. Paw Prints does offer overnight stays in your home to keep your pets company while you are away. This service usually begins around 7:30 p.m. and ends around 8:00 a.m., but times are flexible depending on your unique situation and preference. This service starts at $70 on weeknights (price can vary based on number of pets in the home and changes in arrival/departure times).

General Transportation: This is great for people who might need to bring their dog to the vet or groomer but due to their schedule cannot take their pets themselves. This service is also for people who prefer to alternate pet care in their home with care in a daycare-like setting. We are available to bring your pets to and from other facilities for you along with providing the in-home portion of care. Inquire about pricing.

*Paw Prints will always leave a note or send a text/email, based on your preference*


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